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Excia 9500

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  • Brand: Showa
  • Product Code: Excia 9500
Nitrile gloves are for single use
Color: Blue
- Material: Nitrile
- Length: 240mm +/-5mm
- Thickness: 0.10 mm +/- 0.02mm
- Finger thickness: 0.12mm +/- 0.02mm
- Weight: 5.20g +/- 5%
+ Non-powder type.
+ Easy-to-remove box type nitrile rubber disposable gloves.
+ Can come into direct contact with food
Made of premium nitrile rubber, providing superior protection against harmful chemicals. Reduce risk of contamination with Silicon-free
+ Stretches and fits your hand like a second skin, making it suitable for long periods of work.
+ Gloves do not distinguish left and right
- Size: S, M, L, XL
- Standard: CE 2777; ISO 374-1 type B; ISO 374-5:2016; Food safety
- Producer: Malaysia
Used in laboratory analysis, assembly, maintenance, food, paint, printing, etc.

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